Wedding Jitters

Name: Louis and Betty Dates: Louis: 1927-2000; Betty: 1925 - 2001; Married in 1953 Inspired Fictional Story:: Betty woke up with the distinct feeling that something important was happening today. She laid still a moment, staring at the wooden beams in the ceiling before a slow smile stretched across her face. Then a moment later, … Continue reading Wedding Jitters

More Than a Car

Name: John and R. Lurene Dates: John: 1919-2003; R.: 1921 - 2010 Note: Served in U.S. Army in WWII and received a purple heart Inspired Fictional Story, placed in the late 1930s: John paused in his labor to look up at the passing car. A 1933 Pierce Silver Arrow. He grimaced, leaning down to scoop … Continue reading More Than a Car